Digg-ing up Old Media

Tech Crunch reported today  that sites like Digg are driving more traffic to traditional news sites rather than blog and UGC news sites.

This research essentially validates the idea that consumers, no matter how tech savvy and “on the cusp” they may be, still trust traditional sources more than anonymous bloggers who might share relevant news.

With readership of formal news sites decreasing, what criteria must a current blogger or news site satisfy in order for them to be considered a viable news source? At what point does traditional media pass the torch, or, bridge the gap between new and old media.

Blogs are the first step, but what about unconventional partnerships? 


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  1. James Feudo on

    This doesn’t really surprise me nowadays. There are just so many blogs out there and so many of them (including some of the really popular ones) don’t really cover non-fluff news. Plus, the news sites themselves have caught up with bloglike features such as the ability to comment on articles, so people can say what they want on the actual article.

    I think the best way to bridge that gap is to simply be yourself and not worry about people leaving your site because they disagree with you politically. Just my 2 cents.


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