You just got Rick-Roll’d!

How many times has it happened to you– you hop on YouTube to check out the latest spoiler, clip, trailer, or viral video and can’t wait for it to start. But then, out of the blue, you get Rick-Roll’d.

(Check out a great parody of Peter Griffin from Family Guy getting Rick-Roll’d, below)

SurveyUSA estimates that over 18 million people have been Rick-Roll’d, but the option of using a Rick Astley song seems to be an ironic, yet hilarious one.  The internet (and YouTube in particular) is one of the greatest resources for nostalgia purposes– revamping old cartoons, tv shows, and clips from movies (today on, the movie Ghostbusters is in the top 20 most watched), and encourages big media giants to speed up the process of sending classic TV programs to DVD (or at least to sites like

With all these trips down memory lane, it makes you wonder– why are people surprised that it’s becoming more and more common for pop music to sample classics and 80s hits? If we’re all clamoring for scenes from the 70’s, 80’s and beyond, why would industry execs bother recreating some of the wheel? Instead, corporations are trying to discover new ways to market old material– does anyone else feel like Nick-at-Nite is about to hit primetime?


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  1. Andrew on

    I feel especially privileged that the Internet and viral video have blossomed now, when most of the active users are in my age category and they can repurpose the shows and music that I grew up with. I can now join an entire virtual community of people who were traumatized by one of the formative cultural moment sin my life so far – the special two-part “Diff’rent Strokes” episode “The Bicycle Man.”

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