Connectivity on Demand

Online Media Daily (a division of MediaPost) reports that 59% of Americans check their email in the bathroom, with more than 2/3 checking email while in bed. This begs the question of, in a society that is constantly “turned on,” at what point does the industry become super saturated and start to fail?

If you look at history, this is true with every industry– there’s always a pioneer that serves as the catalyst for the marketplace, but then once it becomes more commonplace, the demand waivers, and early adopters clamor for something new. 

Case in point: designer jeans, automobiles, band-aids, kleenex, etc.

Once products, services, and features become readily accessible by all, and accessible at all times, their novelty wears off and they lose their marketplace equity and the target consumer/purchasing behavior shifts. Consumers no longer buy or use because of desire, instead, it becomes a thing of necessity or utility.

So when PDA’s and constantly being tied to email wears off, what comes next?



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