Another Twitter Post — Crowdstatus

Looking to capitalize on Twitter as a news source? Why not give CrowdStatus’s NewspaperStatus a shot?

The site aggregates all of the current news tweets in one handy, post-it type layout, encouraging you to dip your toes in the news-media ocean (as opposed to the trickling stream you might get when you add each to your Twitter page).

The site is pretty comprehensive and incorporates almost all of the news outlets you would expect, and many you wouldn’t. Seems like a natural progression from old media to new media– it’s like your own personal news database.

For those of you not interested in newspapers, you can create your own crowdsource, and incorporate whatever tweets you might want to keep tabs on.

I can only imagine the total impact of a site like this within a crime fighting realm– think Amber Alerts gone global– the reach is much further than the signs on the freeway if alerts are sent straight to a user’s cell phone.


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