Review: Ogilvy’s “The Daily Influence”

Move over, Radian6, there’s a new Social Media tracking tool on the block, and it’s from Ogilvy Public Relations.

TDIAnnounced today, “The Daily Influence” (TDI) has a similar look and feel to Radian6’s tool, but has one major difference: for the moment, it’s free. Yep, you read that right. Though Radian6 still scours more of the internet to find all of your brand’s mentions, and provides actual metrics, the Oglivy tool is a great resource for smaller companies looking to consolidate their efforts.

In the customizable “Listening Post,” users can edit fields to represent their product, brand, or service and TDI provides an aggregated look at all mentions of that product, service, or feature on the internet. I updated my view (in the screenshot below) to reflect a common search I used to make: Yahoo messenger. The site quickly pulled up combined mentions of Yahoo messenger. Currently, the tool utilizes Twitter searches, image searches (Flickr, Google, Pixsy, Zoomr), video searches (YouTube, Metacafe, MySpace,, Delicious, blog searches (Technorati, Google, Blogged, Sphere), and more.


TDI also provides a comprehensive start page that toplines Social Media as a whole, providing news feeds from sites like Mashable, TechCrunch, and ReadWriteWeb– all great resources for the novice social media marketeer.

TDI Topline

Overall, the interface is easy to use and provides great resources for people looking to springboard into the social media sphere. It would be great to see metrics for the discussions/mentions on the site, rather than just the raw data. Simple counts like “55 mentions of “yahoo messenger” in Twitter” would be helpful and would help social media users and strategists provide valuable, measurable metrics to their team.

In addition to this, it would also be great to not have to manually enter your search term into every field on the “Listening Post” and have the ability to do a mass search for your term. Most companies or people that are going to use a service like this would more than likely like the ability to search one set of terms in entirety, and then toggle between that set of terms and another to compare their results. Say “Google” vs “yahoo” — a mass application feature would make this toggling and market research much easier.

All in all, the site is a great resource for people looking to maximize their searching efforts within the social media realm. However, as mentioned, the site lacks a few of the more advanced tools that users might look for once they’re more established in their role and in the field, which would likely lead many to the services of a company like Radian6. I’m excited to see more tools like this pop up as the market progresses, as it means more and more people are thinking critically about the ways in which we can successfully utilize, implement, and measure social media and its strategies within the marketplace.

Kudos to Ogilvy for their efforts and for rolling out a relatively easy to use product.

Update: I feel as though I should point out that if you’re looking for hardcore metrics on your social media efforts, though there’s no “clear cut” winner on how to completely, accurately, and thoroughly measure all of your efforts, Radian6’s product does a pretty good job of putting some sort of a yardstick to your efforts in addition to serving as an aggregator. However, when we tried Radian6 at Yahoo! we ran into some issue with being a big business and truly cleaning up the amount of data/mentions online and getting into the real meat and potatoes, as scrubbing the searches wasn’t completely effective. (You’d be surprised how many times Yahoo Messenger is used in porn, spam, and junk sites and how often those sites are masked/look clean in a quick one line snapshot).

So, as I said above, if you’re looking for an aggregator and are just starting out, Ogilvy is a great resource, but if you’re a bit more established and are looking for more hard/fast numbers, I’d suggest giving Radian6 a try, or one of the other resources listed here.



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  1. David Alston on

    Hey there Melanie,

    OgilvyPR has come up a good way for clients to dip their toes in the water by using RSS widgets (from netvibes, or on iGoogle) to create windows into the content served up by all the free search services like google blogsearch, twitter search, etc. … As you mention later in your post “the site lacks a few of the more advanced tools that users might look for once they’re more established in their role and in the field, which would likely lead many to the services of a company like Radian6.” Once clients start to get serious about listening & engaging many start to look for historical data, metrics, workflow, reporting, visualization of the data, influence discovery and other analytics, etc. And on that front Radian6 is definitely proud to be OgilvyPR’s worldwide social media monitoring partner for these advanced services for their clients.


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