Huggies & JWT: Online Advertising Done Right

Back in July/August of 2008, Huggies launched an ad campaign aptly called “Geyser,” which featured a young father carrying his son into a bedroom for a changing, and then, well, being “hosed” down by a “geyser” of, well, you get the idea. The commercial was a hit online, and according to an article by BrandWeek, published in August of 2008, the ad received 1.3 million aggregate views on sites like “YouTube, Spike and”

As of late, the commercial has reappeared on cable television as well (initially I thought it was a Superbowl advertisement, which caused me to research the ad– I hadn’t come across it online). While researching the ad, I not only came across the initial advertisement, but also a “mockumentary” entitled, “Inside the Diaper.”

According to the same BrandWeek article:

The success of the initial ad prompted JWT to create a “mockumentary” version, dubbed “Inside the Diaper.” The 2:25 segment is a spin-off developed from B-roll footage taken during the “Geyser” shoot. “We had the foresight of knowing the story we created was an interesting one,” said JWT creative director Richie Glickman. As of press time, the “Inside the Diaper” mockumentary generated about a thousand views on YouTube less, than a week after its initial posting.

JWT’s campaign isn’t just creative traditional marketing, it’s creative and innovative new marketing. Through this campaign, they were able to capitalize on three things: a parent’s shared experience, excess footage, and of course, humor. By combining all of these things, they were able to create a multi-faceted campaign that might not have succeeded offline, but thrived online. Way to go JWT, and Huggies.

Now, enjoy the ads.

Geyser Commercial

Mockumentary: Inside the Diaper


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