Fortune Encourages You To Tell Your Recession Story

Fortune, like many publications recently published an article highlighting ten unemployed Americans, and their search for a new job “Fortune: The New Jobless“. (Disclaimer: I was one of the 10 featured in the article) Like most articles, Fortune included a link that enables readers an opportunity to “discuss” what they’ve read.

However, instead of discussing the stories that are contained within the article, Fortune opted to encourage readers to engage with the article, and publication in a different way: by sharing their own story.

To me, this creative use of social media enables users to engage with the content in a much more intimate way; and, in turn, creates much more genuine commentary.

After the jump? Snippets from Fortune’s “Talkback: Tell Your Recession Story”

My recession story is sort of opposite everyone else. I am an IT person that survived the dot-com crash and I learned my lesson back then on how to learn and adjust my lifestyle as a result of a recessions. After the dot-com crash there was NO work for IT people but I liked technology work so once my unemployment went dry I decided to go back to school and get my masters degree. To get some income I did small web projects on the side and since I was in school I kept my costs low and rented a small apartment and paid cash for my car. I lived within my means, studied a lot and learned as much as I could and obtained 2 masters degrees (MBA and Computer Information Systems). Now I work at a software company were the pay is very good, I am also involved in 2 projects on the side and my income is very good. But I still live like a grad student and am keeping my costs low and therefore I am saving a lot of money and am well positioned in case something bad does happen.

Posted By Shawn, Denver CO : February 3, 2009 11:19 am

I relocated to NC coast 2 years ago, was a mortgage banker for 9 years, amazing- loan production- down, got the axe at Thanksgiving. I had already gone through my savings, acquired alot more credit debt to pay bills. I couldn’t qualify last year to refinance my adjustable rate mortgage. I am a single 55 year old female. I was lucky enough to lease my home for a year which doesn’t quite cover the mortgage ( about $300 short). I have been looking for work for 6 months. I have been in Real Estate & mortgage banking for 24 years. I haven’t lived at home since I was 19, but now I am staying with my folks, looking for work anywhere in NC, VA, DE, MD & DC. I have applied to 100’s of jobs of all kinds. It is so hard out there. I will never get out of debt now, and I am trying hard to maintain my 700+ credit score. I guess unless I am behind in payments there is no help for me. I will be working till age 75. At least I can get my discount breakfast at Denny’s!! If any employers are out there reading this- I am intelligent, quick learner, professionl & dependable, outgoing. Hire Me! I’m on career builder

Posted By D. Wilson Berlin, MD : February 3, 2009 10:59 am
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  1. Sze-Chien Saw on

    Hi, I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I’ve jst read about your story on Fortune Online. And as you mentioned, they hve a link on the site so i visited your blog 🙂

    It’s sad to read about the job losses news everyday, especially in US. Is quite bad here in Australia as well and I am one of them. Keep up the good work and be positive about life. I was watching the movie “Election” (1999) by Matthew Broderick and Reese Witherspoon. Reese quoted a line in the movie by one of the US President “You can’t make your day longer, but you can sure make your day better”.

    You never know, 10 yrs from now, you might look back and find that what happen to you now is the best thing that have shape you to be where you will be then.

    Have a good day and do make your day better!!!!

  2. Melissa Daniels on

    Thanks! I appreciate the comment and agree that it’s sad to read about all of the losses. Thanks for your kind comment and I hope you find a job soon!

  3. Violet on

    Hi Melissa,

    I read your story in Fortune Magazine. I just wanted to wish you well in your job search.


  4. Melissa Daniels on

    Thanks, Violet! I appreciate your comment and you stopping by!


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