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Earthquake whaat?

You’ve read about twitter and the viral nature of all things internet, but I’m sure you haven’t seen it like this.

Today, a 5.8 earthquake rocked LA, and @MissRFTC tweeted about it. Not just a “whoa, the earth shook” but instead, she detailed exactly what she was doing when the quake hit.

I am totally serious. My Ob/Gyn was IN my vagina and an earthquake started rattling the room!

Yes, you read that right.

In the three hours since tweeted, MissRFTC has been: featured in the LAist blog, contacted by Cnet, sent

chitown.mike's photostream

From: chitown.mike's photostream

photos in homage of her tweet (see right), has become a the 3rd searched term in Google when you enter “earthquake” and “vagina” and has more than trippled her following on twitter. However, “Earthquake Vagina” hasn’t hit Wikipedia… just yet.

In addition to this, she’s also updated her tweets, and yes, the hilarity ensues:

After all this time, my neighbor, @madcao found me on Twitter. Thanks, earthquake vagina!

Good news, vagina is healthy, albeit shaken up.

My Ob/Gyn said it was OK if I didn’t want to evacuate to the parking lot in my paper gown. I was more concerned about the speculum.

So when news hits, how do you find out your information? Do you hit the reliable news sources first, or do you go for a more emotional appeal and check social media sites?

Does social media take a front seat or back seat, and how reliable is it?

Update: Check out the growth pattern of MissRFTC’s followers:

Update 2: Oh look– valleywag finally got a hold of it too.

Update 3: Cnet’s article on the earthquake, vagquake.


Tracking Viral Videos & Web 2.0

In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, a few sites have emerged that track influence, degree of virility, and essentially serve as a thermometer of the current sphere.

These sites are great if you want to (try to) gauge the amount of traction your brand, company, blog, or product has within the UGC media sphere.

Below is a brief list of some of the sites I’ve come across and a few comments.

  • Viral Video Chart:  This site aggregates the Top 20 viral videos (or most watched) on the internet. You can subscribe to their RSS feed, receive email updates, or submit your own video for consideration. The site is broken down into different audience segments, including brand verticals, which highlights the best of each advertising segment.
  • BuzzLogic: BuzzLogic is a paid service that enables your company or brand to dig through the mentions, trackbacks, and tweets about your site or company.
  • Radian6: Much like BuzzLogic, Radian6 is also a paid service that lets you track influence, mentions, and links based on a complex profile you create.
  • Summize: Perfect for those of you who want to search microblogging sites like Twitter. Enter your search term, parameters, and watch the results come in. 
  • Twing: Twing lets you search collaboration sites (blogs, groups, MySpace, etc) for your topic du jour. They do a great job of filtering out most of the crap submissions or comments and highlighting some of the better sites and points of feedback.
  • Zudos: Much like Twing, Zudos is people-powered search that lets you specify your search parameters. Their site/search runs a little slow, but is pretty effective in pulling out valid mentions.  It breaks down each mention by its type (i.e. mainstream media, podcasts, etc.) but isn’t foolproof.

I’m sure I missed quite a few, but these are some of the major players I’ve come across lately. What have I missed?